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Q: Is the debt consolidation program a loan?
A: No. The debt consolidation program is not a loan. The debt consolidation program will allow you to pay back your debt in a shorter period of time. You do not need good credit or collateral to qualify. As long as you are willing to pay back the money you borrowed we can help.

Q: What are unsecured debts?
A: An unsecured debt is any monies owed that has no tangible property or security attached to it. Examples: Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Store Cards, Personal Loans, etc. Other bills such as: Secured Loans, Student loan, State and Government Taxes, Mortgages, RV Loans, Insurance etc. can not be included in a Debt Restructuring program.

Q: Can I still charge on my credit cards?
A: NO! In order for the creditors to lower the interest rates or make other concessions to you, they insist that the accounts be closed.

Q: Q: How do I get started?
A: You can get started today. It's as easy as "1,2,3". Simply click here to fill out our FREE no obligation request for a quote form.